Advanced Data Controls Corp Press Release

Advanced Data Controls started the sales of hardware auto-design tool “Accelerate” which automatically analyses and optimizes applications written by C language then designs a hardware accelerator on FPGA.

Press Release 21 April 2016 : ADaC, Advanced Data Controls Corp.,(Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo  CEO Takashi Kawahara) in search of optimised software development environment concluded the agent agreement with VTX, Veltronix (Melbourne Australia) which supports the next generation embedded control system and  started the sales of their hardware auto-design tool “Veltonix Accelerate”.

Specifications for embedded control systems are recently becoming more complex while control application software is enlarged and becoming more complicated. The implementation technology for those complex control applications is essential to support each specification.
Veltonix Accelerate can analyse application source C codes provided by control software engineers, automatically find opportunities for parallel execution, optimise and output HDL source codes.  Generated HDL can be implemented on FPGA by a logic synthesizer. With this tool, the performance of application software drastically improves. The data extraction which can divide hardware and software suitable to control system is also supported. This tool can be utilized for a variety of industries such as automotive, FA, defence and robots.

There are optional tools such as “Floating Point Toolbox” which adds support for single and double precision floating point software and “Simulation and Verification Toolbox” which supports the generation of auto-test bench and test vectors for optional use.

Main characteristics

・Unique optimisation technology specialized in control system

・HDL generation most suitable to target FPGA (synthesisable)

・Auto-extraction of calculations that can be processed in parallel and parallel conversion of algorithm

・Generation of floating point modules (option)

・Production of simulation platforms for HDL verification (option)